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Service Agreement

Our Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is a contract between you and Ability WA which outlines how we will deliver the supports you want from us. It is not the same as your NDIS Plan.

The Ability WA Service Agreement describes the supports that will be provided, the cost of supports and how they will be paid for. The Service Agreement also includes relevant terms and conditions including what Ability WA will ask of you, what we agree to and what happens if you require additional supports later.

You can change service providers at any time. You will however, need to be aware of our cancellation terms and also the requirement to enter a Service Agreement with your new provider.

You can choose one service provider for all your supports or different providers for each of your supports.

If you have funding from NDIS, your Ability WA Service Agreement will reflect the NDIS plan dates. For this reason, it is important you set up a Service Agreement as soon as you receive your NDIS plan so your supports can commence.

If you don’t have funding from NDIS – you will still need a Service Agreement. This can be aligned to the date you would like to start services with us.

Click here to download a copy of our Service Guide

  • We will work with you to discuss how you would like to have your services delivered to best achieve your outcomes.

    You can choose:

    1. Location of direct services

    Direct services are those provided face-to-face, directly to you - our customer. You can choose for this to occur:

    • At one of our Hubs (Currambine, Malaga, Coolbinia, Canning Vale, Osborne Park and Baldivis);
    • In your home;
    • At school;
    • In your community;
    • In your workplace;
    • Via Tele-therapy; or
    • A combination of all of the above.
    1. Intensity and frequency of direct services

    The frequency with which you access your services is something you discuss with your key support person.

    • In Therapy Services, this will be your Key Worker;
    • in Opportunities and Home and Living services this will be your Co-ordinator;
    • In Employment services and Social Enterprise this will be your Manager; and

    will depend on the goals you wish to achieve and the timeframe you would like to achieve them in.

    You may wish to have one-on-one services or you may wish to have these services with another person or with a group of people.  You should discuss your preferences with your key support person.

    1. Indirect services

    These are services that are not provided face-to-face, but still support you in achieving your goals, and may include:

    • Working with and educating the people that support you – in-person or over the phone;
    • Finding resources or researching for you;
    • Developing your programs;
    • Writing reports for you to use with NDIS and other agencies;
    • Time for our team to travel to you to deliver services where you need them; and/or
    • Mileage associated with the travel to work with you in the community.

    This type of work will be discussed with you before it occurs and will be charged in accordance with billable items outlined in our current Ability WA Price Guide.