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About Us

Empowering people to realise their abilities

Ability WA is a not-for-profit disability service provider that has been supporting Western Australian families for more than 70 years.

We are committed to providing our customers and their families with the services and supports they need. Ability WA supports people living with cerebral palsy, autism and other physical and intellectual disabilities.

Our innovative and responsive services can be provided from early infancy through to adulthood. We believe that building a strong relationship with you and your family, is the key to reaching your potential.

Ability WA has built its reputation as a leading disability services provider by providing excellent service, allowing our customers to thrive.

  • Ability WA has been a leading provider in the disability sector since its inception as the Spastic Welfare Association in 1951. Faced with a fear and lack of understanding of disabilities by both the medical community and the general public, a group of dedicated parents established the organisation with a commitment to improving the lives of their children with Cerebral Palsy and others like them. The spirit of that watershed moment has permeated throughout the organisation's 70 year history.

    Ability Centre launched as a vibrant new brand on the Western Australian disability landscape in March 2015. Formerly The Centre for Cerebral Palsy, the organisation undertook considered and widespread consultation to ensure the new name, look and feel accurately reflected the current state and future direction of the 64 year old service provider.

    With approximately a third of its service users presenting with disabilities other than Cerebral Palsy, the decision was made to better align with its customer profile and further cement the Centre's position as the dynamic, responsive provider it already had the reputation for.

    In April 2021, the year of our 70th anniversary, a minor name change was made and we became Ability WA. As an organisation based in multiple locations and providing services across Western Australia, it was time to demonstrate that we have expanded from being a physical “Centre” to an organisation that is an integral part of the lives of people with disability and their families. We truly live in the hearts and minds of people, and not as a physical place.

    We have always believed that working alongside people and in partnership is the best way to work. We take pride in our strength-based approach which focuses on the goals of the person with the disability, as well as the vision for the whole family. We get to know people and provide solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual. This is what Ability WA stands for today.

Our Purpose

Empower people to realise their abilities.

Our Vision

People of all abilities thrive in their community throughout their lives.

Our Values

Connect with heart

We get to know you. It is important to us that we understand what matters. Our relationships are genuine, we are fully present, and understand and respect boundaries.

Think differently

We are passionate about new opportunities. We look for better ways of doing things and are constantly learning. We embrace different ways of thinking, it makes us stronger and drives us to be better.

Achieve together

We are a team. We know who we are and where we are going. We delight in achievement and work together knowing we all have our part to play. We are open and honest about what is possible.

Make things happen

Our knowledge and experience sets us apart. We know things change and we find ways forward. We do what we say we will.

Our Strategic Plan

Please click here to view our Strategic Roadmap 2021-2024