Elliot's story

One morning, at just five months old, Elliot became ill.  

Life for him and his family changed forever. 

When first taken to the hospital, Elliot was vomiting profusely with a high fever and racing heart rate. When his family was told it was just a virus and assured they had nothing to worry about, they took Elliot home. But, when his symptoms didn't improve, Elliot was later taken to Perth Children's Hospital. 

Within moments, doctors put Elliot into an induced coma to save his life.  

Elliot had bacterial meningitis.  

In a matter of hours, Elliot had lost 90% of his brain function due to the infection. 

Five years later, Elliot still faces complications resulting from his early fight for life. 

Elliot had lost motor control over his arms and
legs and he'll never be able to walk or talk. He now lives with hydrocephalus and needs a permanent shunt in his brain to drain the excess fluid. 

Elliot has been receiving support from Ability WA from the beginning and has a dedicated therapy team to guide him and his mum, Renee, through their journey. Renee says,"Elliot's therapist Jess has been amazing. She helped me navigate this new life." 

But, not having the right equipment limits what Elliot can do safely.

His therapy team have already fought hard to get more support in his funding plan, but not having the equipment he needs prevents him from doing the things he enjoys and achieving his goals.

One of his favourite things is his special P-Pod Chair, which keeps him safe and comfortable when he can't be held in his mum's lap. 

But Elliot has already outgrown his chair and urgently needs a new P-Pod that fits his growing body.

Special equipment like this allows Elliot to achieve more things that make him happy and improve his quality of life.  

Your kind donation will make a huge difference for Elliot and Renee and so many more families, too. 


"I'm so proud of Elliot. He's been through so much but never gives up." Renee, Elliot's Mum.