Customer Update 5 March 2021

Dear Customer

We would like to advise you of changes to the pricing structure for all travel and transport services provided by Ability Centre.

Although the NDIS introduced prices for travel and transport services from 1 July 2020, Ability Centre chose to carefully understand how these prices would be calculated and the impact on our customers. It is for this reason we are only introducing these new costs from Monday 3 May 2021.

For customers of our Opportunities, Respite and Supported Independent Living services
  • From Monday 3 May 2021, customers who use Ability Centre transport services, such as modified vehicles, will be charged $1.90 /km.
  • There will be some variation in how customer groups will be charged, depending on the nature of the transport service provided and the number of people using the service at the time. For example, when multiple customers are travelling together, the cost will be shared across the group. 
  • In most cases, transport associated with these services is considered exempt from GST if a customer is an NDIS participant.  
  • Charging for transport will allow Ability Centre to update our modified vehicles fleet as this is no longer funded through the WA Government. 
For customers of our Therapy Services
  • From Monday 3 May, customers will be charged for mileage associated with the therapist’s travel when they deliver services in your home or the community. This will be at a rate of $0.85 /km and will be in addition to the therapist's travel time (already charged).
Details of all transport undertaken, such as the customer’s name and kilometres travelled, will be electronically recorded through new technology recently installed in all our vehicles. This will ensure openness and full transparency of all our charges. We assure you that this process complies with our privacy policy around the use of confidential information.

We will soon provide you with further communications to support you to use your NDIS, or other funding, most efficiently to meet your transport costs. 

If you have any queries, please call our Customer team on 1300 106 106 or email

Yours sincerely

Bron Fitzgerald
Chief Customer Officer