Our Edale customers are off to a flying start in 2018

New Year’s Day saw Edale customers Jan, Julie, Peter, Soon and Gay at Hillary’s Boat Harbour enjoying lunch and some shopping and they have also made a trip to Beatty Park for swimming. This year the housemates are also going to be more involved in preparing their own meals.

“We are working hard to get the housemates out and about as much as we can experiencing life in the local community,” says Team Leader Nicholas Hare. “It is really important for their wellbeing to get out of the house and try new things.

“Swimming at a public pool was completely new for Julie and although it was quite a logistics exercise and we needed support from the occupational therapist, it was very positive.

“Cooking their own meals is also something that previously people have assumed would be too hard and not much fun for our customers.  This is not the case and cooking is now a positive part of their day and every week we build skills.  This morning toast, bacon and eggs were on the menu!”