Anastasia's Dream

Anastasia is cheeky and bright as a button.

She also has cerebral palsy and absence seizures which make her fall up to thirty times a day, always leaving her covered in bumps and bruises!

“I feel so guilty that I can’t protect her” Danny, Anastasia’s Dad

The problem is for some of our littlest clients, like Anastasia, they are waiting 6 months or more for vital equipment. The delay means children who rely on this extra help to do independent tasks, are falling even further behind in their development.

Anastasia dreamed of having the independence to do all the things her little sister could do that she struggled with, like finally washing her hands all on her own. Without her step, it meant her Mum or Dad constantly had to supervise and lift her up to complete these daily activities.

Thanks to you and the generous Western Australian community, Anastasia now has her own customised steps which have a solid safety base and non-slip surface that keep her stable and prevent her from more falls. She can wash her hands in the family bathroom and participate safely in activities within the household.

Every day her confidence grows because of this one small independent act. It’s incredibly inspiring.

Click here to see Anastasia using her step! 

Thank you! Your help means children like Anastasia will no longer have to wait months to access the essential equipment they need to explore, play and develop essential life skills.

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