Meet Robyn

Robyn's Mum, Theresa, is 'forever grateful' for the in-home therapy that changed their lives.

“As a baby, little Robyn was experiencing difficulties in her development and wasn’t reaching her milestones.

We were going to lots of different therapy locations, which involved plenty of travel time and a lot of organisation just to attend the appointments, which wasn’t easy with two other young children.

But the Ability WA IBIS (In-Home Baby Intervention Service) program meant that I could continue to help Robyn in her therapy sessions while still caring for her older siblings. This took away a huge amount of stress from an already very challenging time.

The IBIS program literally changed our lives. It meant that Robyn could receive therapy within the comfort and familiarity of her home, and with the huge reduction in the amount of disruption she had, she is making progress.

Saying thank you does not seem adequate enough for the positive impact that the IBIS therapists have had on our lives. The Ability WA In-Home Baby Intervention Service helps children thrive and we hope that it continues to assist other families during very difficult and overwhelming times.

Forever grateful.”

Theresa, Robyn’s Mum

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