Why Therapy

Meet Sue, Early Intervention Physiotherapist at Ability WA.

"Every customer is unique, and I also work with extended family members with their own expectations. I make sure I provide each person with everything I can give."

After graduating in South Africa, Sue jumped straight into a full-time job at a school for children with Cerebral Palsy and has worked with people with disabilities ever since.

"Every time a child or adult achieves their functional goals, it makes a difference to their lives – and their families' lives – however small the goal is. It is very rewarding to help them maximise their potential and reach these goals." Sue

It's very easy to see how much Sue loves helping people. When customers and their families come to Ability WA for therapy, they beam with smiles when Sue greets them, because of her attention and support she gives.

Sue has been part of many of Ability WA's customers' journeys. "I started working with a little girl when she was 18 months old. She could not sit up or even hold her head up at all. It was all so exhausting for her, so she never made eye contact or had any interest in things around her. But she's now nine years old, and therapy has enabled her to sit up without much support, hold her head up for extended periods and she is now fully engaged in her surroundings. She loves music, chatting and watching her Mum move around the house. It's been a remarkable change."

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"With so many customers who have unique and individual needs, there is never a dull moment, and the challenges and intellectual stimulation make this an extremely rewarding organisation to work in.”

Sue Margoilis - Early Intervention Physiotherapist at Ability WA

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