Accessible camping tips

Camping is a beloved pastime for many Australians, offering families a chance for to unplug from modern life and appreciate the great outdoors. For children living with disabilities and their families, however, camping can seem daunting.  

With careful planning and assistive technology equipment, children living with a disability can enjoy the classic Aussie camping experience, too! 

When camping with a child with additional needs, preparation is key. A quick Google search will show wheelchair-accessible camping sites all over Australia and when viewing camping sites, try searching for an aerial view on Google Maps to see the layout of the site and where the accessible facilities are located. Consider surfaces around the campsite, too. A site with smooth, hard terrain and established trails is preferable to sites with lots of sand or grass. 

Children can also get involved in the process when you're planning your next family getaway. If you plan to swim, tell your child about a special floatation vest they will use. Talk about how they can use their shower chair at the beach. Not only will it prepare your child for the camping environment, it will build excitement for the upcoming adventure.

Assistive technology can play an important role in camping with children living with disabilities. AbilityTECH is Ability WA’s specialist team of assistive technology advisors, engineers and technicians. They work closely with therapists and customers to find appropriate assistive technology and design customised mobility solutions tailored to customers’ needs and goals.  

AbilityTECH has supported many people living with disability to participate in accessible camping. Sometimes, a simple addition like a third wheel on a wheelchair or puncture-proof wheels is all that’s required to make existing equipment camping-ready!

Don't forget to include a basic tool kit and air pump on your packing list for urgent repairs, too. When exploring the great outdoors, equipment is likely to be exposed to water or sand so having the tools you need for a quick repair is important to keep on standby. When you're back home, the AbilityTECH workshop can service your equipment or complete repairs with their wheelchair repair service. 

Enjoy your next adventure! 

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