Spotlight on AT at Ability WA

Assistive technology, also known as AT for short, is a broad term for equipment or devices that support the many aspects and activities of everyday life.  

Assistive Technology can include mobility devices like a wheelchair or walker, buttons or switches in the home to open doors, specialised bedding to improve sleep and AAC devices as a method to communicate to name a few!  

We believe having access to the right equipment can be an important factor in being able to realise your abilities and achieve your goals.  

Therapy services 

Any customer who accesses our therapy services may use assistive technology and what that assistive technology looks like will be different for each person. Our therapy team takes a person-centred approach to finding the piece of assistive technology that suits each customer's unique requirements, goals and circumstances, empowering them to find the best support to realise their abilities. 

All of our therapists can support customers with their assistive technology needs. Customers and therapists can access our experienced clinical leads who specialise in assistive technology to provide support and advice in prescribing complex and/or customised assistive technologies.   


The AssisTkids Specialised Equipment Library is a new service supported by Telethon that provides access for young customers and their families to hire the equipment they need when they need it and return it for the next customer to use.  

As the only specialised equipment library in WA, AssisTkids provides a unique service that allows young customers and their families to avoid the long wait times of ordering equipment that they may outgrow before it arrives.  


AbilityTECH can provide specialised assistive technology advice and support. 

Did you know you don’t need to have an Ability WA therapist to access AbilityTECH services? Working together with a prescribing therapist, the team of advisors, engineers, technicians and upholsterers at AbilityTECH can create customised solutions to meet the unique needs of the customer.  

The AbilityTECH team can also work with a therapist to provide advice on equipment choice and customisation to suit a customer’s needs. 

Other unique services include bespoke seating and covers made here in WA, and modified gaming setups including custom controllers so customers can enjoy their hobbies with greater comfort and accessibility. 

They also have a wheelchair repair service! Call 08 9267 8455 to learn more about this service.  

Contact us 

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