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Employment support to find meaningful work

Ability WA has proudly supported people living with disability and their families for over 70 years. For 30 of those years, our professional team has been delivering employment support to find meaningful work placements for job seekers with various disabilities, injuries or illness.

Our employment services team assists individuals with disabilities to successfully obtain employment in the open job market and maintain a fulfilling career.  We support you to find a job, settle into the job and ongoing employment support services for a long as is required.

We are one of the very few locally-based registered Disability Employment Services (DES) providers in WA and thrive on delivering person-centred services by understanding the unique needs and challenges of each customer. We aim to deliver tailored employment opportunities to assist all customers in achieving their career goals.

To be eligible for the DES program you need to:

  • have an injury, illness or disability that affects the work you can do;
  • be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or someone whose residency in Australia is not time-limited by law;
  • be aged between 14 and 65 years; and
  • have an assessed work capacity of at least eight hours per week.