Groups and Programs

Water-based Therapy

Providing water-based physical therapy and swimming support 

To help you relax physically and mentally 

Our water-based therapy services are uniquely designed to provide water-based physical therapy and swimming support for people with disabilities. Enhanced mobility not only strengthens muscles, but also assists individuals to swim. Additionally, water-based therapy can offer incredible pain relief. 

A range of water-based services allow us to cater to a variety of needs, from hydrotherapy for cerebral palsy to swimming support specifically for disabled people. Our services include: 

  • Little Ducks – An introductory program for those new to the water and swimming. 
  • Aquaerobics – Fitness-style classes for adults who are independent in the water. 
  • Swim Club – Personalised 1:1 sessions to work on specific strokes and swimming goals. 
  • Aquability – A 10-week program with 1:1 sessions led by experienced physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, or therapy assistants. 

Contact Us About Water-Based Therapy 

Whether it be through sessions on learning to swim, completing rehabilitation post-surgery or maintaining physical fitness, our physiotherapists will work with you to develop an individualised program designed to specifically target your personal goals. For more information on our water-based therapy services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 106 106 today.