Therapy Services


Our physiotherapists support people of all ages and abilities to move well and stay healthy to lead the life they want. They work with many other health professionals and community services at Ability WA and in the wider community.

People with disabilities are most likely to see a physiotherapist to:

  • help them move in the best way possible
  • assess, treat and manage:
    • pain and fatigue
    • orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, respiratory problems, continence and lymphoedema
  • prescribe equipment
  • prescribe exercise

Everyone’s needs and abilities are different and we will work with you to find the best way to building on your strengths and interests to achieve your goals. Support ranges from developing, learning, re-learning and maintaining skills for everyday life through to supporting your participation in school, work and community recreation and sports.

Our physiotherapy team provides support with:

  • play skills and motor development for young children
  • individual therapy to develop and fine tune skills
  • water based therapy
  • exercise and socially based groups
  • respiratory support
  • pain and energy conservation
  • gait analysis and walking support
  • participation in community based recreation and sports
  • participation at school, study and work
  • support during life transitions such as starting school, starting high school, finishing school and during major events during adulthood
  • equipment prescription such as walkers, lower limb orthotics and other mobility equipment
  • 24 hour positioning and mobility
  • education for parents / guardians / support workers / school staff
  • fitness and general health
  • manual handling for customer and those who support transfers