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Transport Services

We can come to you

For some customers, it may be best to receive services from our Therapists in your home, school, workplace or community.  These services will attract a travel charge.  

You can also choose to come into one of our hubs or receive therapy online via teletherapy. If you choose to do this – there will be no travel charges incurred.

Our Travel Charges

Our travel charges are made up of two parts, mileage plus staff travel time.

When our Therapy staff use a standard vehicle to travel to deliver services to you, there will be an 85 cents per kilometre charge. Where a modified vehicle is required, there will be a $1.90 charge.

The time that our Therapy take to travel to and from your appointment outside the hub will incur up to a maximum of 30 minutes each way. This will be charged at Ability WA’s hourly rate for your relevant service.

We will reduce travel costs where we can

In some cases, we can coordinate visits with other customers in your area on the same day to reduce travel costs. If we can see several customers in the same location or area, the time it takes to travel there and the cost of travel is shared between those customers. This reduces the cost to individuals and makes it fair for everyone.

This means that your travel charges will vary depending on which service you are having outside the Ability WA Hub and dependent on the travel pathway of your Therapist.

For more information about our Pricing Arrangements for Travel please call 1300 106 106 to speak with your Key Worker in Therapy.