A day in Luke's diary

I arrive at work, set up at my desk before walking to the lunch room with one of my colleagues to make a coffee and catch up. With coffee in hand I check my schedule for the day and action emails.

  • I visit the Supershed and collect 2-3 standers from our trial stock.

  • T (2 y/o, Cerebral Palsy (CP)) attends the clinic for the first time with her mum and primary physiotherapist. T is unable to stand by herself and her family would like to stand to play with her sister.

  • We narrow down the options to one finalist and the trial is a huge success. T stands in the standing frame for 20 minutes and is smiling and laughing with her mum and therapists.

  • We pack up the clinic room and following the trial I will support the primary physiotherapist to apply for NDIS funding to purchase as standing frame for T to have at home.

  • We book a time in our calendars to meet and write the application for later in the week.

I move on to my next clinic which is an annual review of a customer’s spine. From our assessment we find that N (25 y/o Spinae Bifida) has increased pain and discomfort sitting in her wheelchair and she has had to shorten her days at work. We work through some self-management strategies for N to put in place but I also action an internal inquiry (referral) to our AbilityTech Posture and Mobility team. This team will support N with modifying the postural seating surface of her wheelchair, and will be able to modify the foam and supports to make her more comfortable.

I pack down of the room before returning to my desk. I update clinical notes on to our database for my first two sessions and action the referral for N, with an in person chat with AbilityTech Posture and Mobility Team and then an electronic clinic referral so our admin and scheduling team can book the sessions in.

Lunch break with my colleagues. Confirming numbers for out of work social quiz night on Thursday, we are chasing a podium finish this week.

Return to my desk for some office based work. I am updating customers reports for their NDIS planning meetings, phone call follow ups and actioning emails.

Tuesday afternoon is AquAbility, pool based sessions. Tuesday is a busy day we have 2 sessions with 3 customers in each. A therapy assistant and another Physiotherapist are in the pool

  • B (40 y/o CP) hasn’t been in the pool for over a year. Today he is working with the physiotherapist to re-assess his pool program.

  • H (6 y/o ASD) loves her pool sessions, but is struggling with leaving the pool, it makes her very upset. Today we are trialing visual schedules that her speech pathologist has written with us. Her Occupational therapist is also helping mum on the pool side with sensory, behavioural strategies and parent coaching... It goes great. H leaves the pool calmly with mum and shouts back “see you next week”

  • S (14 y/o CP) uses her wheelchair for mobility every day. She is working with the physiotherapist to stand in water and take some steps

  • D (30 y/o ASD) loves the pool for his fitness and strength goals , he has a program written by his physiotherapist that the Therapist Assistant is supporting him to complete

  • K  (14 y/o is being supported by the physiotherapist for her pool stretching and relaxation program.

  • This is one of H’s (4 y/o ASD) last sessions. Her family’s goal is to join community based swimming lesson and she is now ready

Pack up the pool area and get changed. Return to my desk to enter my notes from the pool, before packing up for the day and leaving at 4:30.