Meet Joe Michell Scholar Madison

Madison Heady

18yr old High School Graduate

Public Speaking Course at the Emotional Intelligence Institute

A little bit about Madison

Madison finished high school at the end of 2019, and has started studying a Certificate III in Community Services at TAFE.

Madison said she began this course as, “I want to get a better understanding of minority groups as I want to start my own public speaking business so I want to find out what these groups need so I cater to them and help them as best I can.”

Madison’s future goal is to establish her own public speaking and mentoring business.

“I want to spread awareness about inclusion and disability and inspire people with a disability that ‘No matter what limitations or boundaries you face -anything is possible when you set your mind to it’.” she said.

After completing her TAFE course in July, she will be enrolling in a public speaking course at the Emotional Intelligence Institute, funded by her Joe Michell Award.

Madison’s mother Andrea, was very hands on at high school – but the more free flowing structure of TAFE, combined with COVID-19 has meant the family is all working together to help Madison with her learning, while juggling other commitments.

“Not having face to face lectures or a scribe to help Maddison take notes has meant that we’ve been helping write up her lecture notes, from the sessions she’s recorded and then assisting her with her assessments. It’s been a real challenge for our family,” Andrea shared.

A positive to come out of the online learning arrangement is that Madison feels she is still able to make use of her time better. “I have more time now that I am not having to try get around in between classes, I can sit down and focus on my research and take my time,” she said.

The next six months are going to be busy for Madison, she will be starting her public speaking course in August/September and most importantly, restarting her driving lessons so she can get her driver’s license and be more independent.

Madison is highly motivated to make the most of her first year out of high school, and we can’t wait to hear about all of her achievements later this year.