Eleana's driven to succeed

Eleana loves life, adventure and having fun. Despite having a complex disability that affects her physically, her mind is bright and she’s driven to succeed.

Eleana has been receiving services from Ability Centre since she was 3 years old and has been living in our Shared Living accommodation since she was 23. Like many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way she lives her life, as she and many of her housemates are more vulnerable to respiratory illness.

Eleana said that she likes being out of the house and meeting new people, so being stuck at home is tough.

“I miss my independence. I’m keeping busy by going for walks in the park with Ruby the dog and doing my therapy exercises from home so I can keep fit and well’ Eleana said.

Right before the pandemic, Eleana was nominated as a Westfield Local Hero for her involvement in her community. Eleana’s focus is on driving inclusion, awareness and being an advocate for those living with disabilities. She is also passionate about educating others about Cerebral Palsy, which she does through public speaking and volunteering at Tuart Hill Primary School.

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