Social Connections

The Social Connections team - Fern Demeo, Morag Irvine and Gareth Goodway have been working hard to bring customers and staff in shared living together in a variety of fun ways.

The first virtual event was held on the 14th of May and have been happening weekly ever since.

Teams from across Shared Living have joined in with a variety of activities, including quizzes, bingo and a bake-off. Each of the activities have been held on Zoom on a Thursday morning, hosted by one of the team, with a guest appearances from CEO Jacquie Thomson.

Quiz Master extraordinaire, Gareth said, "The smiles and vibe in the session screamed volumes. I’m so happy this is off the ground. It was a HUGE success with great interaction and connection from all customers."  

These mornings wouldn’t be possible without the customers’ enthusiasm and support from staff in the houses. Each week has seen growth in participation, and with so much positive feedback, something that started because of a pandemic will be here to stay.