Give the gift of freedom

What would you like for Christmas?

For many kids, the answer might be ‘a bike’ or ‘a Lego set’ but for the children we support, the answers can be very different.

Because when you’re born with complex needs, accomplishing even the simplest activity like sitting proudly unassisted at the dinner table can feel like the best gift in the world.

With Christmas just weeks away, would you have room under your tree for one more gift?

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Helping a child to explore their potential and more easily experience the freedom of movement they dream of is a gift worth celebrating.

Some children need specialised equipment to do that and can wait months or years for access, only to quickly outgrow it and go right back to waiting all over again.

Help us stock our new AssisTkids Specialised Equipment Library today!

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Just days ago we launched AssisTkids thanks to a Telethon grant and with the generoristy of our donors we hope to stock it really well to open children’s little worlds.

If you’re able to donate a Christmas gift you would have a village of thanks from our team here at Ability WA and our families alike.

And remember, these items aren’t just for Christmas, they’ll be used every day for many years to come.