Make a Donation

Donate in Memory

Requesting donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral service of your loved one allows family, friends and guests to give a meaningful gift. If you would like to do this, we can help with our In Memory donation kit.

If you are organising the funeral, ask your Funeral Director to provide you with our Ability WA In Memory donation kit, containing:

  • Donation collection envelopes
  • Information on Ability WA

To return the collection, simply post or deliver your donation envelopes to our Coolbinia office.

How to inform funeral guests to donate to the Ability WA in lieu of flowers

If you would like friends and family to make a donation in lieu of flowers you could include the following wording in your loved one's funeral notice:

Donations in lieu of flowers to the Ability WA, 106 Bradford Street, Coolbinia WA 6050 or call 1300 106 106

We will send a tax-deductible receipt to every person who makes a donation in memory at the funeral service, and we can send the nominated next of kin a record of the total donated.

Information for Funeral Directors

You can order In Memory donation kits by calling 1300 106 106 or emailing