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Your customised solutions specialists

Our AbilityTECH team works closely with customers and prescribing therapists to provide support and technical expertise to meet a customer's goals.

The team of advisors, engineers, technicians and upholsterers at AbilityTECH can create customised solutions to meet the unique needs of the customer when off-the-shelf equipment is not suitable. They can also provide their expertise and advice on choosing suitable assistive technologies.

AbilityTECH can also offer support to therapists with assessment and equipment provision for those who may be new to the disability sector or seeking clinical advice to problem solve and find an equipment solution.

We source equipment and parts from a range of manufacturers so we have access to the latest equipment and technology available. If an off-the-shelf product is not meeting the needs of a customer, our team can modify it to meet their needs. Alternatively, we can design and custom-make equipment that supports a customer to achieve their goals.

  • Offering clinical support to people of all ages. We collaborate with specialist technicians and engineers to provide custom solutions and our workshop allows us to fabricate custom products.

    Our service includes a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs to assist in identifying the most suitable equipment solution for you.

    Technology for communication
    This may include exploration and trial of alternative access methods such as switch access, eye gaze and voice access methods; support to identify alternate ways to access other communication devices such as phones and tablets; or recommendations for mounting solutions to safely and reliably access your chosen device.

    Environmental controls
    This may include options to automate and control your home lighting, TV, air conditioning or doorway access. We can support you to identify the most appropriate solutions for you, such as off-the-shelf, commercially available items to high tech, customised, whole-of-home solutions.

    Computer controls
    This may include exploration and support to access mouse and/or keyboard alternatives and specialised software programs.

    Recreational equipment
    This may include access to modified gaming consoles (i.e. Xbox, PlayStation, Computer games), switch adapted toys, alternate access to music and books, and support to access customised equipment for participation in activities like fishing, painting and cooking.

  • Contact us for an assessment of your equipment needs and recommendations that may include:

    • Trial of recommended equipment
    • Training of customers, families and other support people
    • Independent advice to help customers make informed decisions
    • Consultation with therapists, schools, employers and other involved agencies
    • Links to community services both locally and nationally

    Communication technology assists you in communicating through alternative methods such as pointing to or looking at pictures and other symbols, using gestures and/or formal sign systems and using electronic voice output devices. Device features may include computer-generated speech, touchscreen display and multiple access options including direct touch, joystick, single/dual switches, eye gaze, head-pointing, etc.

  • Are you thinking about ways to make your day-to-day life easier and safer in your home? Building a new home or modifying an existing home can be a daunting task especially if you need to consider accessibility.

    Whatever your living arrangement, our NDIS accredited team will work with you to develop customised solutions to improve your accessibility around your home.

    Contact us for help with:

    • Working with builders to modify your home;
    • Moving to a different home; or
    • Building a new home.

    Once we have identified your priorities, we are able to assist you with:

    • Making doorways wider or re-swinging doors for easier access;
    • Providing ramps to entrances where steps are difficult to use;
    • Making bathrooms easier and safer to use by removing the shower hob and screen;
    • Removing baths to allow more space for showering;
    • Providing hand held showers and rail grabs; and
    • Ensuring access to other areas in your home.

    Funding assistance may be available through the Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP) for home modifications that are regarded as essential for safety and independence in the home.

    If you are a NDIS participant, you may be able to request home modifications on your NDIS Plan under the Reasonable and Necessary requirements. 

    If you would like to know about our Specialist Disability Accommodation housing options, click here.

  • The quality and quantity of your sleep has a direct impact on all other aspects of your life - health, wellbeing, relationships, learning skills and general behaviour. We work with you and your carers to manage sleep difficulties through expert clinical support and specialised equipment.

    Our sleep service brings together Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and a highly skilled technical team, who work together to provide integrated expertise and resources to manage sleep quality and/or pain and discomfort issues.

    We support people of all ages and all disabilities for management of sleep difficulties and/or for provision of postural support in the lying position.  

    Sleep problems
    For sleep problems, we look at all factors related to the sleep setting, including the bed and bedding, daily habits and activities, settling routines and behaviours, communication difficulties and the person’s health and medication.

    Postural care
    For postural care, we look at the customer’s bed, mattress and bedding to ensure that all is safe, comfortable and supportive. We look at the position the person usually sleeps in and consider factors such as pain, comfort, pressure care, management of postural issues, breathing, body temperature, safety and independence. From there we find the most suitable equipment to best support the person in a lying position. Our workshop can customise or custom-make postural supports to meet complex postural needs.

    We liaise with a range of health professionals such as GPs, Respiratory Physicians, Neurologists, Orthopaedic Specialists, Dieticians, Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers and Community Nurses, as well as members of your primary therapy team.

  • The posture and mobility team are here to help you achieve enhanced independence and movement through exploring a range of mobility options, recommended by our therapists and developed by our specialist technicians.

    If getting around and/or sitting up in your wheelchair is challenging, our team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Technicians, Industrial Designer and Mechatronics Engineer, will work with you, your family and carers to find the perfect solution to encourage greater independence and participation in the community. We can modify or adapt your existing equipment or custom build a new solution.

    Ability TECH provides clinical expertise via our Clinical Lead therapists, technical advice via our highly skilled workshop team, and fabrication of equipment to assist with the management of seating and mobility issues.

    To find the solution that best suits your needs, we provide the following tailored services:

    • Postural Assessment;
    • Pressure mapping;
    • Trial of recommended equipment;
    • Prescription and creation of equipment solution or postural support, ie wheelchair seating systems, adaptation to alternative positional seating and daily living equipment;
    • Consultation/advice to therapists, schools, employers, and other agencies;
    • Integration with Assistive Technologies; and
    • Repair of mobility devices

    The team at Ability TECH are focused on finding the right mobility solution that will help promote independence and increase opportunities for participation in social, educational, work and leisure settings. Ability TECH sources equipment and parts from a range of manufacturers, so you will always have access to the latest equipment and technology available on the market.

    Our expert therapists have specialist skills in prescribing:

    • Manual mobility;
    • Powered mobility (specialising in early powered mobility); and
    • Prescription and creation of equipment solution or postural support seating inserts for wheelchairs, alternative positional seating, beach wheelchairs and daily living equipment.

  • Our Wheelchair Repair Hotline is available from 8:30-4:30 on weekdays. Please call 08 9267 8455.